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The SOLUTION to Growing Your Coaching Business with Ease and Joy


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It’s interesting…

When most of us dreamed and maybe started our coaching careers, we envisioned long hours, hard work and teaching people how to grow their own careers.

You’ve done well but is there something you’re missing?

It’s hard to run the business-end when all you really want to do is coach.

How do you find the joy in combining both and be even more successful with more clients?

Karen Cappello’s Quick-Start Intensive Coaching Program gives you the strategy and tools you need.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to take your professional coaching career to the next level.

Your Plan to Professional Coaching Success

The Coaches Quick-Start Intensive program is a four-step proven plan to help you develop the strategy, marketing and sales techniques to increase your business and the number of clients you help.

Developed by Karen Cappello MCC, a proven professional coach for over 20 years, this business model will teach you how to do what you love – help people develop their professional plans – and improve your own business.

Karen’s step-by-step guidance provides direction on how to focus your mindset, develop a business strategy, learn marketing and sales best practices and gain support from peer professionals.

Don’t work harder. Work smarter to grow your business with Karen’s Professional Coaching Program. Karen has built a successful business model that she is now sharing with other coaches.

A plan that Karen will teach you.

By combining your talent and passion with Karen’s business model, you can gain the knowledge, confidence and mindset to grow your coaching career beyond your expectations.

Why continue to work hard but not see the full potential of your own career? You’ve been able to help your clients achieve success – now do it for yourself.

“Your mindset is the most important competency you can have to grow your highly successful coaching business.” 
– Karen Cappello, MCC

Your opportunities are only limited by your mind. Karen will share with you her Quick Start Intensive program. You’ll step back and learn to look at your own business as you do for your clients.

Looking at your mindset, identifying who your ideal client is, developing a marketing program and doing it with Karen’s unique “ease and joy” attitude, can be the game changer that you’ve been seeking.

Karen’s proven system has 4 steps:



Create a strong inner foundation so that you are grounded and secure while going through your client enrollment process.

The key to consistent and profitable business growth is to exude authentic confidence when interacting with your ideal clients. When you continually focus on your own personal development, your business thrives in parallel.  Synchronicities become your new normal and clients find you out of the blue.


Design a simple offer that’s easy for you to sell.

When you have an irresistible offer that your perfect clients can’t say no to, you’ll be able to get momentum. When we design it so it’s easy for you to sell, procrastination goes away and you are excited to invite people to enroll in your coaching program. Once you enroll your ideal clients into your coaching program, then you can move them into your next offer and the next one.


Learn compelling and fun conversations that lead to clients.

Not sure what to say to enroll clients with ease? I will share a straightforward process on what to say and do before, during, and after your conversations to get more clients to say yes and happily pay you in full. And, I’ll share a special type of conversation that you’ll enjoy having, that will lead to even more enrollments.



Create a consistent marketing plan that you can use again and again.

It’s one thing to create a short-term windfall but another to install a system that allows you to consistently grow your revenue. I have a repeatable and proprietary process I will give you that will keep the income rolling in for years to come.

YOU deserve to take the time and make the investment in your own career just as you’ve done for others. You are worth it and so is your business.

Let Karen’s 12-week QSI Coaching Program give you the system and support to be even more successful for yourself and for you clients.

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We invite you to join our community of coaches


Karen’s guidance is inspiring and encouraging. If you like to work smart and get real results, I would recommend the Quick Start Intensive. Be prepared to celebrate lots of successes, because you are going to be more visible and things will start to happen. All the activity pays off. I learned to pay attention to the inner game so that I could remove obstacles on my marketing path.

Berry Kruijning, LL.M

Portland, OR USA

Karen’s values align with mine. Her generosity in providing coaching along with her proven tools really inspired me. She held each of us accountable, which was important for me. Her creativity in supporting those in the program was amazing… it was such a great investment in both my business and myself!

Maeve O’Byrne, PCC

Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Working with Karen is a must to grow your coaching business! She is a master at getting to you to recognize your abilities, confidently market them to the ideal clients, and close the deal with ease and inspiration. She cares about your journey and will walk that journey with you to success.
Kathleen Johnson, CPC

Traverse City, MI USA

Karen’s warmth, authenticity, enthusiasm, intuition and knowledge shines with brightness. I have personally been through several coaching programs and invested thousands of dollars. QSI has been one of the best investments I have made to date with just shy of 4X ROI.

Salimah Mamdani

Toronto, ON, Canada

I got my first client within a month of offering my services! Karen’s motto is “Success with Ease and Joy” and now it’s mine. I will be forever grateful to Karen for delivering a program where we can be successful coaches while living our purpose of serving others.
Natacha Sommer

Zurich, Switzerland

We invite you to join our community of coaches