From the desk of Karen Cappello, MCC

How do I convey who I am and my experiences without sounding like every other professional bio that you’ve read? I’ve always felt that expressing my true self is the best way to understand my business philosophy and why I’ve developed my program.

I started out as many of us have–over 30+ years of varied business experience from a university administrator, to president of a manufacturing company, to an estate planner.

As successful as I was I found that I was paying too big a price for that success.  I was exhausted and overwhelmed. When I left my last corporate job I wanted three things. I wanted to work less hours, I wanted to wear comfortable clothes (no more suits and heels), I wanted to wake up without a blaring alarm clock. I wanted to do all this while maintaining the lifestyle I had grown accustomed to.

I had success but at a cost. I wanted to see if I could have same success without paying such a high price–success with ease and joy.  And most of all, I wanted to help people find their passion and drive in their own professional lives.

I received my Associate Certified Coach credential after accruing 250 hours of coaching in less than nine months, from the International Coach Federation in 2002. Within two years I started as a trainer for International Coach Academy where I became Chief Learning Officer. I have trained coaches for six different coach training organizations and now have my own certified executive coach training program.

Yet, I wasn’t done helping people. 

I loved coaching but many of the coaches around me were overwhelmed and didn’t know how to build their own coaching businesses. I set out to help them. After trial and error and lots of training, I developed a strategy that helped me increase my client base without being a marketing or sales expert and without spending more time in the “business” of my business.

One of the reasons I got into coaching was to have more freedom in my life. My business model has provided that to me and has allowed me to have more ease and joy in my business. I have been gratified in helping thousands of other coaches achieve this same satisfaction and joy in theirs.

I’ve also written The Clients You are Seeking are Also Seeking You, an Amazon best-seller. Feel free to check it out and give it a review.

Originally from Chicago, I now live in Tucson, Arizona, in close proximity to two world class spas. Due to the beautiful weather, mountains in the background everywhere and stunning sunsets. I feel like I am on a perpetual vacation.